Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vikram And Vetal : The Batman Yoga

Vetal : O Vikram , can you tell about the louder noice we are listening from the Jantar Mantar ?

Vikram : The public is celebrating.

Vetal : What ?

Vikram : Mungerilal Dreams ! The Batman , the Chamdagad , expert in Shirshasan is giving lessons to Deemak Public. Ghubad (owl) Govt. is ready to perform latest Aashwasans while Gidad, the corporates are looking for snatch better fat lumps.

Vetal :How can objective to bring back loot in Swiss Banks be called as Daydreams ?

Vikram : Sword of Shiwaji Maharaj, Kohinoor, Tibet, Pak, Bangala Desh and Saniya Mirza are more invaluable assets looted from India and worth much more than Swiss Money. Some politicians cooked their curry with Bhawani Talwar . Did it came back ? Swiss Money can't ever come back.

Vetal : That's not any comparison and circumstances in each case are unique, argument dismissed. Tell me solid reasons

Vikarm : Pl excuse me. I can't speak those logics.

Vetal : Why ?

Vikram : You are a God fearing Ghost. You may be offended with the perception I will show you and your anger would break our friendship.

Vetal : For me , its more important to be scientific and learn truly to see things in logical perspective. I promise not to get offended even if you criticize my Spiritual Icon .. i.e God..

Vikram : Deeeep Sigh ! Ok then..Get ready to get boiled ..

Any task is impossible for two reasons. First, the competence of the one who thinks that he will do it and the second, the strength of Defender who would not allow it to happen.

We shall now evaluate the SWOT analysis of both the parties.

Vetal : Pl. elaborate what is Swot and who are the parties ?

Vikram : SWOT = Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats

Party No. 1 = Ramdeo Baba and his believers and followers.

Party No. 2 = People owning resources and money in Swiss Banks and else where.

Vetal : What are the strenghts of Party No 1.?

Vikarm :
1. Proclaimed Objective, Loot in Swiss Bank, is well defined.
2. Presence all over India.
3. Support from general public.
4. Texture of Yet not a Political Party.
5.The Brand name Ram still attracts people.

Vetal : What are the Weaknesses ?
Vikram :
Wrong Brand Ambassador.
The general public which still considers Ram, the King of Ayodhya, as their Brand Ambassador.The person who deserted his double pregnant wife without looking eye to eye.
Rawan was just a pick pocketeer or lootera, like people with Swiss Bank Accounts.
A lust for being called as an Ideal King , though unjust, is even worst and beats the Rawan syndrome. Its a Huge weakness.
Need to choose a Time Specific and appropriate Icon and Brand Ambassador in general for Indians.

Vetal : What are Opportunities ?

Vikram :Next Lok Sabha Elections. People like change. A fresh alternative is likely to hit.

Vetal : What are Threats ?
Vikram : The people surrounding Ramdeo Baba have reached there because they have enough money. Ramdeo Baba not known to have any Bhikhari as a follower. These followers have systematically competed with each other and struggle to keep as close to Baba as they can. You can see most wealthy and resources full person in closer proximity. The character of these cannt be any different than such people exist all over our country. These people have most black money and Swiss accounts. They will control every thing. They will transfer their money to safer and other unreachable places. Rest of Majority have no plans to utilise the money if it really fetched back. These are usual happy go lucky careless celebrators who would abuse Ramdeo after few years.

Vetal : Now Explain SWOT of Party No.2

Vikram : Haha ha !! With such great a weakness, its immaterial to look for Party No. 2, but I will do it just for you. As of now, my time is up. I need to look out for Banks in Antratica to keep my own savings safe. Now you go and hang on your usual tree...Bye Bye .. I shall give you a missed call while I start back from the lockers at South Pole.

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