Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vikram N Vetal : The Batman Yoga Part II :Tapascharya Again

Readers , who have not read Part 1, are requested to do so in order to get correct context. Its Located below this post.

Vetal : I can't wait for Viky's missed call . Better to call him.
;;;;;;Hello ..Viky, are u coming to fetch me down or shall I fly to you ?

Vikram : Vetu, nice to speak to you. Just a few trees away from yours..


Vikram : Tell me..what do you do for detaching from stresses of ghost life ?What Relaxation techniques do you try ?

Vetal : Best is Jivasan, n some times Ateerekie...

Vikram : What's Jivasn ?

Vetal : Its a mass activity. We all come together from silence and perform huge hue n cry..

Vikram : Ok..badhiya hai !! What's ateerekie?

Vetal : Its a touch therapy in which we embrasse unsuspecting hosts we like most.

Vikram : Fine..Now tell me itani yaad q kara raha tha ?

Vetal : Pl explain me Swot of Party No. 2

Vikram : Ok.

Party no. 2 is Black money owners. BMOs.

The strengths.
1.Biggest strength is the weakest attacker.
Can a needle knitting a sweater used to administer a injection ?

2.Black money owners have virtual control over every thing incl parliament and media.

3.RB is defining their class but not have courage to declare specific names of persons whom must be hanged.

BMO's weakness :

Just one, apartheid has allotted the color to their money.
BMO's Opportunities :

They are now alert to securitise their loots to safest heavens.
BMO's Threats

1. The general public is still indifferent n not ready to act. Sirf maja le rahe hai Babaki. If they get angry, they can achieve what they want.
2. If at all Baba Ramdeo learns from history, he would create a Chandragupta by really doing Tap and transform himself into modern Chanakya.

Vetal : Vikey, Baba has fumbled in giving a written letter to Sibal, in which he promised to end Uposhan and perform Tap. Now , what is this gimmick ? What exactly a Tap means and how does it differ from an Uposhan ?

Vikram : Vetu, an Uposhan done in perfect solitude , no body around, is a Tap. A show, without Media around is a Tap.
Unfortunately, it was a written promise given to the ruling power without taking a bilateral one from them, relying on their orals. Thus, the birth of a would be Wishvamitra , with a dream to create a parallel white world , was medically terminated by the Ruthless Ruling Harishchndra of the Kaliyug.

Vetal : Vikram , you are great..Tere pair pakadata hu..aur jata hu..usi Jantar Mantar ke zaado pe jaha ye abortion hua..! The same place from where congress fired a Ram Ban to counter Anna Hazare has boomranged on itself.

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