Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tokyo and We

India and Japan have historic relations. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had established support from Japan to root out the British.

The common thing for both India and Japan is the Enemy : China.

The differences in India n Japan are too much Jameen n Aasman .

They control natural disasters manually.

We grow manual disasters naturally.

They have reduced number of casualties per ritcher scale unit with every new disaster.

We are increasing casulaties in every new domain of non disasters without any measuarble unit .May it be a simple Chor Police game taking life of Officer Chowgule or may it be road accidents wiping whole families for avoidable reasons.
And we think its all Natural !!

They work as a Nation.
We as a pet animal of China and US.

I m sure, Japnese will now build buildings with Parking of 50 meter hight , double the Tsunami waves.

We shall drown our Model Railway station at Amravati by a minor rain before it sees half of the completion.

A country which is indifferent to Bhopal Manmade Tragedy is preparing for Nuclear Power at the behaste of US.
We are determined not to learn from those who are ahead of us and vouched not to learn from our own mistakes.

The misery is so great that it seems, Japan would be rebuilt in 6 months but Station Irwin road would not be reopened before that.

India is no. 1 in saling watches. No Indian has time and nothing in India follows schedule.

Japan makes the most accurate watches and never look at the clock to work.

Just Watch All This.

We, the people need to change to see the change in our selves, our politicians and our country.

Follow Japan and Respect our mistakes in the past.

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