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Manthara was one of the trusted orderly of Kaikeyee, the worrier wife of Emporer Dasharath, dad of Ram.
In a war with demons, Kaikei had fought fiercely besides Dasharath and helped win the war.
Pleased with her performance n courage, Dasharath offered her Two wishes. She declined to realise those immidiatly and instead thinking at the outset, she doesn't requier anything for being more happy and containt, kept options open.She said, she will claim those in future when she feels like. Dasharath agreed.
The time came to Crown Ram as the King and Manthara whispered her poisionous Mantra to Kaikei.
Accordingly, Kaikei encashed her 2 blank cheques of Two Wishes granted many years ago and demanded to
1. Crown Bharat as The King
2 Send Ram to wilderness for 14 years And thus Ramayan began.
The encashing of two cheques were so fatal n divastating that Dasharath died of heart attack as Ram prepared to enter wilderness,while Bharat was enjoying at Nanihal and was out of station.
This could have been avoided if some body had suggested to spot Talaq Kaikei and Hang Manthara inatantly.
(Dasharath had spare wives Kausalya and Sumitra.)
But death cannt be an obstacle in fulfilling the promises given by sincere people.
So,sincere people must have
1.Ability to deny giving blank undated cheque to any one.
2.Sense of existance of Mantharas around.
3.Wise advisors to speedily antidote Manthara Mantra.

In legal terms, the contract between two persons giving special rights generating coz of a joint venture is known as Pre Emption if they accquier a new asset.
If they are to dissolve the JV, then the right is termed as Right of First Refusal.
War with demons was part of the Empire executed as a JV btn Dasharath n Kaikei.
Dasharath had offered her right of pre emption; that is , some thing which he absolutly already possessed.
But Manthara manipulated the things in such a way that Dasharath could not understand that he is being fooled. Offering Crown to Ram was infact dessolution of joint Emporership of Dasharath n His Queens.
And Dasharath had never given her Right of First Refusal to Kaikei.
Had the law like today in place , Kaikei would have lost the case if Dasharath had an opportunity to get an Manthara defying Advocate.


Nomad said...


Very nice piece of article again. My views:

The wishes of Kaikayee were well within the jurisdiction of Dashratha because he was in legal capacity to Chose his heir. So crowning Bharata was well within his legal rights. What I fail to understand is the wish of Wilderness for 14 years for Ram. Even though this was not justifiable under any moral grounds, since promises were held above all, Dashratha had to agree. He paid the price of this with his mental trauma pushing him to the death. As for the Ram, he could also have refused but the same issue of moralities and duties ! So he accepted.

Pran Jaaye per Vachan na Jaaye !

Regarding the future promises, what you say is true. You do not know what may happen the next second. So, better to be preventive !

Sandeep Godbole said...

The Pran Jaaye par wachan Na jaaye line is marvelously quoted by you. Infact, That could have been the title itself.
The 14 years wilderness encashment is hight of
opportunitisum.Just to ensure peacefull enjoyment of Possession of the Empire with no chance of the unilateral Rival even to stay in home.