Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Symbols & Reality : The Ancient Astronomical Error.

Today my 10yr old daughter exclaimed and explained me a 'Star'tling observation. Daddy , she said, Actually, there insnt a even a single Star in exact Starshape ! * Just as we stare for long time, we see the radiating triangles like a starshape ! I m spell bound. This cannt be rectified, nor any 1 would like, there cannt be a better symbol for a Star than a Starshape. ! We live in a symbolic world ! The reality may be totally wild and weird than our perception. Beware of Symbols as even knowledge cannt erase the Symbols. To write comments : Kindly Click "टिप्पणी" . To send the Article to other friends : Click Icon of Envelop with arrow on RHS of "टिप्पणी"

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Anonymous said...

Remember : Twinkle twinkle lil star, How I wonder 'WHAT' u r ..Prof M.A.Ali. .