Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Nano Bang Theory

Dear Stephan,
Warm regards !!
This letter is the result of the under currents of my anxity about "The Grand Design"
What I have understood from the interpretations and elaborations available on the net is you have established that the Big Bang can be explained by some remix of the fundamentals of the Newtonian Physics and Einstines Thories of relativity. The science necessary to proove Auto Creation is sufficient and abduntly ready for it, according to you.
The implication of this , you extrapolated is, there is no scope or limitation or reason necessorily be alloted or reserved or creditable for the existance of the God.

I feel,this is really a better preposition for understaning both, the Science and the God.

The belivers seem to be disturbed as they think Science is now enchroching the domain of unquestionable undisputable belif of Gods existance.

Atheist seem to got inspired by this divine enlightenment in their support.

I realised that I am both. An atheist and a beliver.
Just as when I see my Voters card, I feel I m an Indian. When I look at Jupiter and its 4 moons thru my modern telescope, I feel I belong to the race of Galileo.
When I think up to Big Bang, I feel I belong to race of Einstine and Hawking. The moment I try to see beyond it, I used to become a beliver.
Now, "The Grand Design" seems to be streching our scientific instincts and pushing the God on another back foot.

The analysis essential is as under :
Let the Big Bang be a Property created by the Science.
Let the Space, Time, Mass, Energy all belong to the Science.

Now, let us ask Science.
Dear Science, you have all the material, time, space and energy of your own .
Please organise it and creat hard wear of a unicelluler Protozoa.
Let some Scientific lab fabricate a primary cell. Let us presume that a perfect cell is ready.
Now, my so dear Science, can you put LIFE in it ? Can you make it alive ?

Obviously , as on day, the answer is NO.

So, science can creat universe but not add life.

And if science cannt do it, God must be given due credit untill its prooved contarary.

The birth and deaths of living organisms are the proofs, reasons, limitations and scope responsible to have belif in concept of God. So, Stephan, Every very birth and every death is a Nano Bang.

Big Bang is of no significance in absence of the Nano Bangs.

May God bless you, our science and Human Race to make this wonderful planet a planet of Joy. And let the Nano Bangs exist and carry on self repeating as usual.

Thanks !!


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Nomad said...

Dear Sandeep,

Very nice Article. Please keep posting to enlighten all of us.