Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Autoverse : Science + Commerce = Art

Last week, I simply enjoyed going to sleep with post 'Enlightenment' moments full of satisfaction after uploading the article : 'Nobel not enough : Ages old mystery resolved' (which you will find below this article)
Next morning, as I was going thru the news paper, a surprise gently sat on my mind like a butterfly lands on the tender flower bursting with smell of the nectar. As if just as we remember and try to rehearse a melodious song in our mind and the next moment sound of same song faintly gliding in the air reaches our ear.
Now that the eternal quest who was first, the Egg or the Hen resolved in my mind , as if it was the next stanza of the same song , the news about Stephan Hawking's soon to be released book titled 'The Grand Design ' landed on my mind.

Two days are gone and I am beginning to feel the subtleness of the Butterfly landed on my mind, the essence of the human reasoning about the thoughts about the origin and the existence of the universe.

I am looking forward to the arrival of the book and felt very happy to know that Prof. Murtza Ali has already booked a copy for his personal collection.

As the websites and pre launch reviews are describing , Stephan has ruled out the idea of requiring a Creator for the universe.
Now, this is an equally age old and many times discussed point.
But since Stephan is saying, it makes all the difference.
Stephan attributes the Big Bang to the fundamentals of science laid down by Newton.
Creation without Creator : Logical Immpossibility to which Stephan is the challenger.
Mass and Energy relation is well understood. E = mc2.
Time and Space relationship has no conversion formula yet.
Explanation for Spontaneous creation without any creator, I call it AUTOVERSE and not Universe because of Big Bang is to be expected in The Grand Design.
We know What is Science and How it exists and also know that it exists without exception ,so we consider it as Universal but we don't know WHY it exists.
We know it runs on Laws of Gravity, but dont know Why so and why things dont obey any other formula other than G* Mm upon R square?
Can there be a world where , the ruling formula is G *R square upon Mm ? I call it a repulsive or reverse gravity world.

Like theres a positive and negative in Electricity, Magnetisum, why its not so in Gravity , Space And Time ?

Now, God seems threatened by the chaos n mess created by Humans.These days, He must be cursing himself n singing freqently " Kya mere man me samaayee..Kahe ko ye duniya banaa yee.." So , He has, spontenously, transormed a Scientist in to his Advocate and shrugging off the responsibility thinking, ITs beyond his control Now and if theres no creator, nobody can be accused.
Obviously, God wants to disown the Hell we made out of the Heaven he gave us and weeps for being branded and publicised Him as the "Most Wanted ".
I m sure, the idea to make Stephen the Advocate was solicitated to him by non other than The Godess, who disliked' the state of unrest '( of the God)I haven no doubts, God was forced to creat Universe at the behaste of the Godess , the external unbalanced force.,transforming the State of Rest of the God. Both of them together enjoyed the 'Uniform motion'. Untill the moment (of inertia ) Humans generated, got them unbearable and miserable. Thus Stephen,the Best Scientist was trasformed into the Best Advocate.
We yet dont know, as yet the book is not published, if Stephan just disbelives the God and The Godess equally. And he has uttered nothing about Her. If God has +ve sign then , Godess has to be - ve.
The peace and Morals cannt stand on earth if God and Godess concepts are negated.
Newton was a Strong beliver in God but never tried to Bribe or appease him to earn fortune.
Theres a word "pricewall" on the articles about Grand Design on the internet.I have not understood it yet.
But I guess there exist a +ve and a -ve Commerce around the Science behind The Grand Design, and That is an ART .

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