Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nobel is not Enough :Ages old mystry solved.

Humans are so much competative that they not only try to compete and beat other humans but every species of plant and animal kingdom.
They even don't spare the mother nature and think they are entrusted with responsibility of governing it.
This too, is backed up and cooked up with built in belife, that majority of us do ,what ever, is as per Will of the Creator,n the supplyer of the Intellact, the Buddhi, I.E. The God.

By creating Cloaning technology, the Humans have challenged the Creator.

But yet there was no answer to the age old unanswered Question of the human race : Who was first to come: The Egg or the Hen ?

Yesterday midnight, exactly at 12 .00
The answer was strucked by me.

The Egg and The Hen were created simulteneously.


Unlike humans, who requier crutches of science to develop any thing, The God don't requier any thing to start with.He is the master of Multi Generating. He don't have binding to work in competative manner.. i.e. who , what to be First.. Second.. Third.. and don't requier any sequence for any thing.
The one who can creat an Egg out of nothing, can creat a Hen out of same nothing , vise versa .
The Hen and Egg were not only created undoubtedly simulteneously, but designed to work in tandem. The Egg was a Male and It needed to be hatched.
Although the Hen cared for the Egg, she was just a baby sitter,not its Mom.
Its perfectly Moral to marry your baby sitter to start the Gen Next.
Those who think the Egg was a Female, are trying to compete with me. Why didn't they ever, even once ,asked First Roost or First Egg ?

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