Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vikram N Vetal : Makar Sankrant Episode.

Vikram = Khul ja sesame ! Khul ja sesame ! The door of the cell of Mohandas in Arthur Road Jail opened. Vetal : Mohandas ! How nice !! We have come today to greet you with the Til Gul as you speak so God God Marathi. By next year, Mumbai Vidyapeeth should honour you by conducting Convocation here it self to award you the Doctorate in Marathi. Mohandas: Welcome to Kasabe Mahal. U spoked True. Their esteem would skyrocket for sure. After all, I am the Owner of this country by Concquering it with minimum effort. Everybody in this India except me is a overly rewarded labourer. I am thankful to you all slaves who honestly serve me. I heard that people have to stand in long queues to get drinking water in Mumbai . How shameful ? Thats bad for Mazi Mumbai. U want a glass to drink ? I have got Iced Mineral water here. Take it , Vikram = I used to be a King. But never had any cold water. Things change beyond Imagination I totaly sympathies with you.. I need to tell you one discovary . We have discovered Ajaymalji . Mohandas : What ? U got Baba ? Where ? Hows Aai ? Is her TB in control ? Vetal : Ajaymalji was found in Mental Hospital. He got irriversible shock when he came to know about how police have fabricated you. Your Aai, Kajagaa bai, is on death bed. She is sure that u cannt be U and you are only genuine Paki Terrorist. Kajagaabai says I just cannt cry for anything anymore. Witnessing India cooking The unnatural calamity of the Millenium : Breast Feeding Kasab n surrogating the next pregnancy of the terrorirsts is the worst thing in her life. Mohandas = Arayre ! Tichyaicha Gho ! Mhatari marat nahi tyache dukkha mala nahi, pan kal sokawatoch ! ( No regrets that old woman refuse to die, but Relam of Disgust and agony continues to Expand). Vikram > O ! U are the greatest victim ! They fabricated u, ur dad gone Mad, ur mom dont belive you ! Vetal : Your Majesty, we bow to your Courage. Very Ujjuwaly, U have prooved every one 'Nikam'ma in the court ! We are your subjects ! Kindly eat the Til Gul now so that I can ride on Vikys back go to my hell on the Hanging Gardens. To write comments : Kindly Click "टिप्पणी" .
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