Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vikram and Vetal : No Link, No Connection. Life Out of Coverage of Sensibility

Some body is Singing Song : " O Ssa maa ! Sama hai ye Pyaar ka ! Osama ! Kisi ke intajaar ka ! Osama ! Dil na Churaye kahi mera Mausam "Bahaar" Ka !" O Ssa maa !

Vikram : Samaa ka chiwada banake kaun Gaana gaarela hai be ?
Vetal : Abe paichanta nai kya ? Ye apana Arthor Rd wale Mohandas ki Awaj hai ! Ye saalaa Nalini pe lattu hai. She is Getting Freedom for her good behaviour. Kasabe is Gem of a Gentleman. If Nalini is showing us High Way of "Art of Living", Afzal Guruji Leading us on the Runway of "Fart of Living". So, Mahatma Mohandas Ajaymal Kasabe, our pure Marathi Speaking Divine Avatar will be taking us on the Launch Pad of the Super Fart of Nirvana.! He is too happy and dreams to marry Nalini n settle in MalabarHill !
Vikram : Magar usaka Nalini se lafada hone ka koi Link ya connection nahi hai !
Vetal : 100% Agreed. Just like Sharad Pawars says skyrocketing prices n Agriculture Ministry have no connection ! Its a mere coincidence that his pleasure and nations sorrow happens to be the same. Just like Defence Ministry has no conexan with threat from extremists, Law ministry has no conexan with Nalini and Afzal guru likely to be freebirds soon. Police have no conexion with increase in crime. The constable giving water to Kasabe, as if a waiter in a Hotel, Shinning n Nikamme Advocates, judiciary as a whole, the Admin Govt, the politicians in opposition have no conexan what so ever with innocent people killed on 26 /11. So, conexan is not necessory at all !
Vikram : Oh ! That sounds like the greatest of a satsang with all time unbeatable affair.
Vetal : Basically, people at large are right. They have no connection with this Nation.

Andar ki Awaz: O ssamaa.. Hai ye Pyaar ka Nalini ke intjaar ka..OSSAMA . Dil ne churayaa mere mausam "Bahaar" ka. Osama.. Ye gaana tha . 2009 kì Film , Jab Jab Terrorist Ghuse, Geetkar Banand Axee, Sangeetkar Aalyanji Kanand ji, Gaeeka Mataa Langeshkar.

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