Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vikram n Vetal : Marketing The Sorrows, Enjoying the Shames and Digesting the Defeats.

Vetal : Why are you having heart burn and acidity ?

Vikram : I heard Cheers and Happy New Year from the Arthur
Road Jail. I have a loose acid gland and a weak digestive system. So I get acidity very often and indigestion too frequently.

Vetal : Vikram, do you know which Nation has the strongest Digestive Power ?

Vikram : The digestive power of India is tremendous.

Vetal : Arent you an Indian ? Do you have evidence ?

Vikram : I am an exceptional Indian with chronic acidity and indigestion is inherited from Netaji Subhashchandra Bose and Bhagat Singh who couldn't digest British Rule.
Excpet people like us , who respect our own Acidity, all others use all sorts of weirdest digestive therapies to pacify themselves like Fast unto death etc..

The Chronic Evidence :
We digested Partition by enjoying the Elixir of Freedom. We Enjoyed singing "Saare Jahase Accha Hindustaa Hamara."

We digested the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by attacking and crushing Bramhins.
We enjoyed singing Ishwar Allah Tero Naam Sabako Sanmati De Bhagawan and Sabarmati Ke sant tune Kardiya Kamaal .

We digested the defeat by China in war by Enjoying Neharu's tears added with the ultimate 'Taste Maker' emotional melody "E Mere Watan Ke Logo jara Aaknh me Bharalo Paani "

(What about teaching a lesson to China ?)

We digested assassination of Indira Gandhi by frying Sikhs.
We enjoyed by pulling Rajeevji in Politics.

We digested the most horrible killing of Late Shri Rajeev Gandhi. Now we are greeting the murders by saying "Hello How are you ? Thank you very much ! Also marked our respects by conferring Bachelor's Degrees in jails to these devils 2009.
We keep on enjoying Soniaji in the role of our Ring Master and playing all of us as Jokers.

We digested the 26/11 by eating the main digestive preparation :
The golden glows of Mombattis ignited on the Cake of the "Farce One" : the Court Proceeding with Icing of the Mohandas Ajaymal Kasabe's befitting "Jawaab".

Tonics we consumed is "Force One" that's going to protect our Elected Members while general public is available for deep fry to the extremists next time.

We Even enjoy more when our Ring Master have no control over Jokers pulling jackets of alreday killed trapiz artists.

Vetal, After all , are we the biggest number of careless innocents meant to be chopped like vegetables ?

Vetal : I guess, we aren't less than self family eating cannibals.

Vikram : It says that every thing is fair in Love and War.

We Love our enemies.


War with our brothers.

Vetal : The real enemies of India are not Pakistan or China but our attitude to cover up shames and accept the defeats .

Vikram :Still We believe in Democracy ! We believe in judiciary !!

Out of

uncompromising indifference.

Out of

Passion to Live any how.

Out of

Fear of Death.

Out of

"As is where is" attitude.

Vetal : What is your prediction about the root cause of your acidity : Mo. Aj.Kasabe, in Happy 2010 ?

Vikram : You are sitting on the Hottest Seat , i.e my shoulders, I give you 5 options , instead of just 4.. You guess and select the right answer : Your Time Starts NOW !
Mo.Aj.Kasabe is most likely to
1.escape by bribing .
2.escape without bribing.
3.exchanged for the fatty farty Hostages.
4. get judicially accepted as an innocent.
5. slowly get digested like Afzal Guru and Rajeev's murders.

Vetal : Vikram, You keep on scaring me horribly again an again. All your options are having equal possibilities and equally frightening. I shall prefer to get Public Opinion. The Indian public is known to have expertise in "Marketing the Sorrows, Enjoying Shames and Digesting the Defeats."

Appeal to Dear Public :
Kindly Click "टिप्पणी" to help Vetal get your opinion so that Vetal can go back to Hanging Garden instead of foolishly frequenting behind Innocent Mohandas between Arthur Road and the Court .

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