Sunday, December 13, 2009

Q ? & A

Vetal : Dear Vikram, like me, 15 people are hanging in the aisle of Aurangabad Nagpur Night Queen Asiad. I am compelled to control my intolerance by the silent acceptance of the situation by many of the senior citizens who purchased tickets for Nagpur to hang themselves to the roof rod and whom just dont know, whether and when they would be lucky to get a seat ! My easy go life addict mind's protest was transformed in a simple Q to the conductor, since when ST started allowing standing passengers in so called semi deluxe long distance buses ? He politely disclosed that Baajaar has ordered them to maximise Dhanda. Now, they have incentives based on revenue collected. Vikram, explain the situ.

Vikram : The perspective is incomplete and not unusual in a local focus .
In Panorama, see Now : Why not Pune Dadar Asiads of yours ( Vetal domicile of Hanging Garden, Malabar Hill ) are allowed to increase business this way ?
Why should standing passengers be charged the same 'un'fare ?
Why should semi luxury seated passengers be made to sympathise with the Hanging stinky n tunn 'country' men who may fall on them any moment ?
The roots are in our tolerance. We,the people of Marathwada and Vidarbha are spineless as compared with rest of maharashtra.
There are AC Volvo Buses by ST titled Shivneri running up to Aurangabad but for the sake of u Mumbai and Pune people.
Like the Electricity, the Coins ,(Chillar paise), No such buses for Vidarbha, the ocean of the Back log.
The usual apathy of the people themselves make two effects.
1st > The one who Must be Hanged, dearest of All the Quaide Bazar, one n only, the Great Gallentry Field Marshal QASSAB , on whom the multi Qrore Judicial Market Index got its Bull (shit) soaring surge, gets pampered along with his coughs, colds and newly acquired adorable Hernia and old free farts.

2nd >Those who must get at least a basic seat keep on hanging all their lifes !

Vetal Jubilantly : See , Vikram, now, the rush seems receding. Lots of the my hanging creed from Marathwada has got down in the middle of the night in Vidharbha. Remaining are happy to sit in the midway n sleeping with heads penduling betn the knees. Arent we people original n authentiq Zen ? We just neglect the hardships and do our Karma .

Vikram > I am going to sing a song in honour of your creed, the live slow Harakirs.
Say Wah wah and clap to applaud .

ऊड गये पंछी क्युं ?
सुना अब चमन क्युं ?

उड गये होश क्युं ?
जाम अब खामोश क्युं ?

रातदहाडॆ शोर क्युं ?
सन्नाटें अब गैर क्युं ?

सुखीं ये पलकें क्युं ?
मुफ्त अब जहर क्युं ?

मुर्दा ये जश्न क्युं ?
सांसे अब पत्थर क्युं ?

तनहा ये होठ क्युं ?
सुली पे अब स्वर्ग क्युं ?

कुचलें ये हाथ क्युं ?
पैर अब गुनहगार क्युं ?

राह राह ये लाल क्युं ?
रगरगमें अब पानी क्युं ?

दिमाग युं धडके क्युं ?
दौड अब खत्म क्युं ?

दिल इतना समझदार क्युं ?
यह इश्क नहि अंधा क्युं ?

हर पंक्ती पहेली क्युं ?
दुसरी की सहेली क्युं ?

ह्टा कर देखो "दुसरा क्युं ?"
सुलझेगा सहजही "पहला क्युं ? "

कौनसी एक ही चीज सभी का समाधान, क्युं ?
वो है : चारो ओर बाजार !! समझ गये वेताल, क्युं ?

§Vetal zooms to roof rod and swings.

The bus down loads Vikram near Amravati Railway Stn. 4 AM .
Vetal disappers in the darkness of Vidarbha dreaming the dawn like Telangana.

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