Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Black Boxes and Black Holes of the Indian Railways.

On any platform of Railways huge Iron Trunks painted in black with names of Guards / Engine Drivers in white often laying as if official but lawaris are hard to be missed. The Black Boxes are seen in unimaginable random variations of Rectangular dimensions and resemble wealth vaults protecting invaluable assets. Pad locks of different sizes appear to trigger curiosity abt the stuff inside.Determined to let Not veporise, the usual flash of curiosity about the things inside these fortified looking boxes , I contacted one of my childhood classmate who happens to be a Station Master. He was a bit surprised and happy at my quest. The containts of these probably never ever opened mysteries can be grossly termed as Emergency Warning and Repair Tool Kit. Inside each such box, there are Flashes to be used during heavy FOG. When normal head and tail lamps of trains and Signals vanish coz of fog, these Flashes are to be used to avoid collisions. Theres a stock of Smoky Fire Crackers meant to be ignited on tracks to Alarm and attract the attaintion of driver of otherwise unfortunate oncoming trains. The crackers and smoke are deplyoed as dangers signal when train gets immovable coz of any technical snags like engine failuer, broken rails or fishplates etc. Apart from few usual tools like hammer, spanners and screw drivers, there are Vaccume Hoses, pressure gauges and other things. I will try to get obliged for getting a ON DISPLAY photograph of all these articles, except, if any regulation dont allow me to do so. Another old pinchy Q I asked to my friend , " Heavy Loads are supposed to run on a 3 phase motor. Then, how cum there is just 1 Over head Wire which touches a pentograph of the Engine ? " Ans : Its a DC suplly of 24.000 Volts that propells the Engine. I have to contact an Engine Driver to ask weather they feed it thru Alternater (~ AC) or step down method. Indian Railways are Just Gazab. They attract esteemed leaders like Lalus and Mamatas. The railway tracks are getting busy and busy per day. The Indian Railways make the Whole India a " Hagandari on Wheels " The toilets on the rails are the real Black Holes sucking and spraying ugliest matter all over our beloved Bharatmata . Govt. must install hyginic disposal systems like in airoplanes..

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