Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Multiply and Rule

Telangana issue has put regional aspirations on ignition. Some call it Division. Some illusion. But it can also be seen as Multiplication. A multiplication is a product of two entities resulting in high value. The immbalance in developement and the political relevance are the suspected entities of this multiplication. Until I wrote the above sentence, I had no clue abt details of the issue.

I am calling my friend at Hydrabad before proceeding further.

I just hanged up the call to my friend a Native Reddy at Hydrabad.

According to him, the discriminatory distribution of irrigation water of Nagarjun Sagar Dam , controlled by Non Telangana (NT= Andhra + Rayalsima )people and unfortunate heli death of Y .S. Reddy (Raylsima Chap) are the main entities .
YSR had done a Secrate Pact with TN to Hijack Godawari Water to NT under the guise of giving it to TN. Telangana holds the Nagarjun Sagar but it remains thirsty ; that too only up to January while NT enjoyz water untill June.
(Thats like Vidarbha. It generates more power than its own need, but Maharashtra sucks all of it and MSEB punishes us by charging more to Amravati And Nagpur saying For US, MSEB has to import it ! Rural Vidarbha is worst to suffer. They dont have option to buy at Capitation rates either ! }
Death of YSR brought the things to light n made political space available.

Another broad discrimination he told is : The Telangana is an ever drought region. NT are flood regions. The NT beuropolitical lobbies always dacoit Telangana resources. Huge money spent on flood relifes of NT and nothing for Draught relifs of T. The NT lobby is strong in money, musceles and mind.
The Telangana pople were tolerant and mentally careless like Vidarbhaits. So, the Mighty NTs kept snatching the resources of Telangana.
This got multiplied with absense of YSR and wiser of K. Chandrashekhar Rao, the Supremo of Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS).

TRS has successfully hit their arrow on the Bulls Eye the Sonia Mata of the Rahul Beta. She has blessed her consent as she is convinced that Congress has nothing to loose.
Now, the other Math operations left, the Division, Add, Subtract, Intigration, Derivation will be easier and only take just a bit of usual Indian eternity.

Vidarbha has Tais and Bhaus warming the cushans from Galli to Dilli. Like their voters, (Yatha Praja tatha Raja), Tais and Bhaus are yet ages behind in evolution. They dont have inner genes of the gutts to be Human beings infront of Beta and Mata. They are still Pet Animals with no control on dripping saliva and wagging tails. Happy to be loyal n honest to the pieces of leftovers thrown by their (emplyoed by Mataji) keepers belonging to Rest of Maharashtra, they prove Darwin Wrong. Had they even shown qualities of Monkies, there could have been a hope that some day their tails would disappear to be Homo Erectus.
Darwin, you missed us miserably and badly. Humans also appear to be descendants of Canines in this part of the world. They just Multiply without bringing Fruits for their breed who choose to get Ruled that way only .
The statehoods offer better opportunites to the Greeds of Sons of the Soils. Earlier, Goa Daman and Diu was UT. All the resources were controlled by Daman Diu Community. We can see developed Goa today because it got freedom from Daman Diu.

The last man in the society alwyas remain with Quoed Status, coz he cannt fight nor he is concerned about any thing.

The rational behind reorganisation shall be better done on basis of Population . There shall be an upper limit to population at every stage. A Family, Society, Colony, Ward, Muncipalty,Taluka, Jilha, Division, State must have limiting population in tune with resources but without enchroching anyones resources.


Rule the population by arresting the Multiplication of Humans
Dividing their Geography.

The Mighty owns the Maths..

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