Thursday, December 17, 2009

Poaching The Lonely Tiger

The Spicy of the Tigers is very shy and illusive. They rule the domains with ease and grandeur. May it be Melghat or the Golf course. When ever their privacy cracks, the ado is worldwide. The Badshah of the golf holes got poached betn a hydrant, (The water hole! ) and a tree while negotiating an extra marital affair. The Media got in to auto fire mode and took maximum mileage by baiting the "Kill" on every hook they could find. Indians consider US culture as free lance and without life long commitments. When such junglee story reaches India, half the population wonders how can it be any News, when its all khullam khulla there , while half the subcontinent entertains it with great taste much more than any reality Big Boss chhaap show. They take it as a Fiction released in true world for entertainment. TOI , our National dirty news paper prints unimaginable details. Its all coz the Tiger owns Greatest of the Fortune. There is a proverb in Marathi "Wagh Sapade Pinjarya madhe.. Bayka pore Marati khade ," meaning when a power full person gets helpless, even the weakest punch him.
The Share holders of the Tigers Wealth are legitimate and otherwise.
The Lions share will be taken by the Tigress.
The Vultures and Scavengers include the whores , the media, the lawyers. No wonder the world will see carcass n corpses instead of Pug marks.
"Sabase Bada Ruppaiyya. "
It takes Humans to Greatest Altitudes.
If slipped,
Then helps the Gravity by accelarating towards the lowest deapth.

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