Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Waha Paani Kam tha !

American Policy Quote by George Bush " Billions of Dollars to Root Out Terrorisum , not a penny for Homage and Tribute Programmes " And we follow exactly opposite policy ! Look at the Tribute Shows. Look at the widows of Martyer Celebrities. They should demand INSTANT PUBLIC HANGING of Kasab and stage Protest infront of Arthur Road Jail. Instead, they are worried about Petrol Pumps not being allotted yet to the so called Martyers ! Learn to distinguish at Real Heros who fought. Dump those who just got killed coz of own carelessness and going casually to satisfy the stupid curiosity of seeing what was it all about, steering wheel and mobiles in hands instead of stenguns and grenades. Its a shame of irrisponsibility of glaring incompetence . Gum is baat ka nahi ki naiya doob gayee.. Balki is baat ka hai ki waha paani kam tha ! My Tributes to all those who fought with Hosh . May we all get wisdom to be in Hosh : every moment , 24*365 .

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