Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vikram And Vetal : 26th Story : 26/11 Version.

King Vikram pulled down the Body hanging in the Hanging Garden, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, dumped it in the front seat of Nano, snatch locked the safety belt.
Turned on the key and smoothly dissolved the Nano in the traffic down the Peddar Road.
The Vetal in the body started talking with Vikram.
'O ! Vikram, I am going to refresh your memories of 2008. First let me Introduce my self. I am the consolidated Spirit of all victims of 26/11 attack .
Now, listen carefully. The crew of the Fishing Trawler Kuber, the common men ,children on CST and slumdogs of Mumbai streets, Creamy Layers at Taj n Trident, the ATS Top Brass and NSG, Fire Brigrades and Police men, these are spirits consolidated in me. Tell me Vikram, how will you catagories and allot us heirarchy according to performance ? "
Vikram said thoughtfully," One shouldnt discriminate after the death.
But if it is in the National Interest then with full honour to every one , we must do it.
The catagories are
1. Those who lived n died like a mice
2. Those who lived like lion but died like a mice
3. Those who lived, fought n died Like Lion. : The Gallentries, the Lions are real HEROs.
As usual, first 2 catagories being Majority, those have adulterated the Purity of Myrterdome on the basis of their Numbers and level of occupancy of their incompetancy."
Just as Nano passed on Arthur Rd Vetal asked : "What is your opinion about Future of Kasab ?"
Vikram : Judicial process is like sincerely answering a whole Question Paper of the subject which is out of Syllabus. Any Warrior shall never ever be prosecuted at all. They must be eliminated instantly.
Vetal : We belong to Land of The Mahatma. Wouldnt it be shameful to Ahimsa if we dont forgive Kasab?
Vikram :Forgivance is a Virtue of the Courgeous and Powerful people. It does not belong to chicken hearted, selfish, death fearing coward society.
Vetal: How dare you call us Cowards ?
Vikram : Nation which trades Terrorists time and again is nothing but a coward one. Forgot Rubaiya Mufti and Kandahar episodes ? If you dont eliminate Kasab, then u are creating a bargain pitch with terrorists and anti Nationals.
Vetal : You look nervous. Whats troubling you so much ?
Vikram : Disguisting ! Now , look at Taj, Gate way , Trident, CST, India TVC, preparations to celebrate the First Homage Festival of 26/11 are in full swing.
The TRP projections, the Glyserine tear fountains,the Crocodiles are almost ready like a perfect Zen, totally unmindfull towards Lion's non existance in tandem with sole existance mice..
You will witness in real life, the Lions would be dumped behind the scene and Mices will be flashing on Centre Stage.
Vetal :Horrific ! What are dos and donts for paying Homage on 26/11 ?

Vikram :
1.Treat Lions as Lions and Mice as Mice. Remember, all Martyers are Also Victims but All Victims are Not Martyers
2.Unitedly demand to make a law to empower President of India so that She can scrap judicial process and hang Kasab at the earliest. Thats Expanding the Syllabus to suit the Question Paper in hand.
Silence in the Nano for few momnets.

Vikram :O Vetal, I saw you dissappered for few moments . Where had you gone ?

Vetal : I had a secrate investigation The water cum winter proof jacket they have provided to Kasab resembles the same as Bullet proof jackets reportedly gone missing recently.! Let it be. But you havent told me where to click to know more about cowardly acts of the shameless leaders of the Nude people ?

Vikram :

1. Click Here to read interview with Mehbuba Mufti ;
2. Diplomatic P.Chidambaram on Jan 22,2009
3. Read Here PC = Politically Correct !

The Nano reaches Gate Way of India.
Vetal : Wishing Bharat Mata All the best ! I am going back to the Hanging Garden untill we Hang Kasab here at Gate Way of India !

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