Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Made in China

Today Amravati police siezed 300 Chinese Hens. Police must test those before public eats for obvious reasons. Every one knows that we use all chinese items right from Condoms, Baby Cloths, to Chinese Food, ( Incl. Varhadi Chinese fusion) to Agarbattis for Funeral. Things we alwyas over look and never realise that China is the Source are : 1. Naxalisam alise Mao ism. Recently, they have uprooted Nepali Political System, now, its our turn. 2. Dalai Lama. Our fool leaders feel comfortable to differentiate Jihadis and Maoist. Considering Maoist dont need Millitary Action is a great mistake. They are having supplies from China, chip and abundent . Every alternate day, we read about protest done for Maps cutting off Indian land to be shown as Owned by China. But no shame that we lost war in 1962 and China took away Tibet. We dont mind this. We just accepted the defeat and never think that Tibet is our land, claiming it is beyond imagination. In such situation, we have no right to give refuge to Dalai Lama. Govt. Should ask them to return to Tibet as we have acknowledged the defeat or Join us in fighting Naxalisam. Why not build a Dalai Lama Brigrade and deploy it to fight Maoists? Like Gandhiji ran away from taking political responsibility, Dalai Lama dont want to participate in Action. Why not to do it ? It appears China has strategic motivation to take over the Political System thru Maoist as a revenge for Sheltering the Lama. The Maoism must be ruthlessly crushed. Do we have the foresite and courage ? Click here to know abt Maoism

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