Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vikram n Vetal The Dragon Version

I happened to visit one of the oldest and First Buddhist Temple built in the ancient city of Guangzou, the Capital of Gungdong Province of China. Its built about 1500 years ago. Click Here To visit 6 Baniyan Temple The campus was clean, neat but not welcoming. When I offered Agarbatti Packs as a token of friendship and love to the last departing saffron clad young Bhikkhu about 16 = 17 years old, looking into my eyes he politely asked whether I can speak Chinese. I said No.. As thats my first visit. Just after my No, he , looking back eye to eye even more politely he shot back, "We dont accept gifts from people who dont speak Chinese !" and vanished away as quickly he could to the huge hostel just besides. The Temple was left with 2 bus loads of Indian Businessmen and just 3 old Chinese who couldnt speak English. I ignited all the Agarbattis and placed in the Huge vase built like Vrindawan. The figure of Dragon formed with the Agarbatti Smoke askd me " I wonder if thats an example or a horrible warning ? Sandeep, shouldnt Indians too, must check their uncontrollable passion for accepting all kinds of "Incoming Free" bullshit stuff ? So, My dear Indians, pl answer above question in your minds or the Dragon would hang you on to the Tree of the Time , for ever. > Thats My Own Real Life Experiance.

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