Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Diya tale Andhera !

Vetal : Vikram, why did you smiled once for a second but wept twice later ? Vikaram : Vetal, I smiled as I saw the March Past by the Force One on 26/11 . I thought they were going to Arthur Road to bring Kasab on Gateway to make seive of him . But then I heard, The Pleader of the Devil Kasab is removed by the Blind Godess of the Justice. The Godess seems not only blind folded but deaf, dumb and totally not having any concern for the heineous war played by the Devil Kasab. The Godess considers her self different than the Advocate. She doesnt realise that She Alone is responsible for the Delay. Only the person who has worked as The judge for a case in which his own real mother is raped and murdered , has got a Moral right to dare to be a judge for Kasab.I dont think such a person can ever exist. So, Every Judge in India should refuse to conduct Trial of Kasab, inspite of realising this truth, Judges arent even thinking to say So. Hence, I wept once. Vetal : Why did you wept second time ? Vikram : The Land of Maharashtra has now formed Force One. Its like growing mustaches and buying condoms by a person who did nt had Erection in many decades. As long as the Goddess of Justice is deaf, dumb, blindfolded and most imp, mentally unfit to realise that She is the Greatest Caretaker of Kasab if dont give way to Force One, by handing over Kasab to them for immidiate execution., so I wept. Vetal, didnt you see the Agony and Helplessness in the eyes of our beloved Bharatmata? Vetal : Yes, I do. But not a single politician have any concern about her and the Police staff who serves Kasab have no gutts to kick their Jobs and refuse to be a Servant of Kasab. Frustated Vetal took Vikram on the Top of Gateway. They are waiting there For Force one to ACT.

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