Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Take off Anxity.

I am a Student in 12th Std. the carrier of a burden of anxity. The feeling of insecurity is same as experianced by the first time Aeroplane Riders. Getting Admitted in 11th Std. is like Reporting at the Airport. The passing out of 11 th made me surrender the baggage, the belongings I love so much like watching TV, going to movies, freaking out, non academic Googling, Orkuting, Facebooking, week ends, birthday parties , all transfered to lock ups of the custody . The Securtity checks by numorus tests by the Tution Lords troubled so much. Then came the Boarding Pass, the Hall Ticket and waiting at Exam hall getting queued up with co-passengers. Looking back I realised to have gained frightening insignificans in geometric proportions. Now, left alone, with things I hated most, the Hall Ticket ! that resemble the Passport and the Visa. The best wishes from relatives and elderly are like the charment Air Hostess, assuring me best for the journey. Then I moved inside the huge but clusteric plane with the descipline of Ant line. Poured at last in my seat, wondering, how could this massive structure leave the solid ground and how could the invisible air make it lift up, float and move ahead as well ? ! The Pen and Paper would really make a carreer soar high ? Wouldnt it fall like a stone ? I know all the science, technology and systems behind it but the gutt feeling loudly shouts : The Bernoulli's Principle that makes flying possible , may miserably be lost to the Newtons Gravity. Next, remebered suddenly, as I swayed away in a direction I really didnt know leading where, I must have vanished from the dampened Radar of the eyes of my parents came to see me off. Any way, I have to focus some where else as well. I must catch the connecting flight of CET / PMT. Wishing Good Luck to myself !

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Manisha said...

The picture shows todays generations for which I feel pity. but however it is, it is essencial to appear for pet, cet, pmt, and so on...i think this generation should have emotions, enviromental attachments to all.
parents r d main responsible factor.
ok bye...
-MANISHA, paratwada.