Saturday, August 22, 2009


Infinitely praising the unknown mastermind who so ever created the irrational balance in functioning of our civilisation cannot be considered as flattery after reading this down. While the second day of Pola, the Tanha Pola, last day of Shravan, the month of penance, ensuring the children are well engaged to get embossed with spirit of Thanks giving, the ex children, the no longer children and the causes of the existence of the children, burry themselves in realising a much awaited literally Spirited day known as Polyachi Kar. Whole 24 hrs, they play Ganjifa, soak the gastric tracks and cleanse the nephro networks with the age old vapor condensed elixirs with or without any label and or dihydrogen oxide and or the fizz. The month long curfew imposed by some anti Maneka but animal lovers, (A.M.B.A.Ls") struggling hard to avoid consuming mouth irrigating hot masala delicasies of the eggs,chicken, goat belonging to Roaming Kingdom while some other down to earth - worms who had stayed away from Onions, Ginger and Garlic the land lines of the underworld concludes on the Polyachi Kar. Thats how the Shrawan (The Ramzan of the Hindus ? !! ) Month ends. Following comes the Bhadrapada n ignites the season of celebrations with arrival of the Ganesha, the lord of wisdom and intelligence. For the fortunate God Fearing creed of AMBALs, this creates an unique dilemma. The God Fear makes them ristrict the inputs to vegeatable kingdom but the omnivorus instincts perpetuates the craving for bones and flesh. The logical explaination to quench the fire of dilemma goes like this > The Ganesha was born as a Human, the Omnivorous but implanting the Elephant Head instantly turned him to a Herbivorous. So, the 'Chatur' God fearers, without any kintu - parantu (Dilemma) are entitled to follow instincts suiatably untill end of the day before tommorow , the Ganesh Chaturthi. It appears the Ganesha now fears them who intentionally limit his own enjoyment frugally to the Milk but wouldn't even think to share a drop of the Divine Cheers with him ! He just asked me, sadly, why they offer all the fun to my dad, Lord Shankara? My guess : Bappa, every one has witnessed U really consumed millions of Liters of Milk offered . Why any one would risk sharing anything further, especially those having your own blessings are undoubtedly turned wiser ! U are quiet Humanised U dont behave like ur Dad, the Good God !! Ganapati Bappa Moraya, Darula sparsh karu naka, sagali amchya saathich rahu dya ! Oh, the lord of Wisdom, dont touch the booz, let it be reserved for us alone !

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