Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sufferring Nations : Paying the price for Setting Goals Larger than National Interests by the Step Mother & National Fathers.

In a team game like cricket, soccer etc, a win or defeat can't be credited to a single person. The whole team is responsible. What ever the results are , if game is played fairly without fixing and in sportsman's spirit then the game wins and no team is wounded with defeat. Let us try to evaluate the partition of India according to sports. There are 2 stages. 1. The Carom View > The Bord had 4 players. The British, The Muslims, The Hindus and The Seculars. The British, the defending champions, wanted to go home ASAP. They had won all white coins in previous 150 years and walking away smiling was the only task left. Muslims won the Red Queen the Pakistan and the Black Cover : Bangladesh. Seculars pocketed remaining all black coins, the remaining India. The Hindus lost without any score ! They thot in spite the bord, the queen,the coin, the striker all belonged to them but they have no place left on the face of the planet, simply coz there cannot be any Hindusthan as exclusive as Pakistan. They couldn't get an acre of Land from what they perceive as their own land as they were the first to settle in the geography here. Why this happened ? Stage 2 . The answer is in Cricket Format: At that time, except for Hindu Team, rest all the teams had Powerful and Ambitious Captains. The Queen , our step Mother,Jinnah the Pak Dad and Chacha Nehru,the surrogate Papa were the Mighty Captains ( Gandhiji was Captain without a Political Team and No National agenda but Humanity agenda.) But there was no Captain for Hindus. Seculars and their captain Chacha, upon whom neither the Muslim League nor the unorganised Hindus had slightest faith had silently hijacked and owned Gandhiji's Maun (As self punishment by Mahatma in protest of Partition.) Both, Jinnah and Nehru were extremely cunning opportunists and hard core ambitious. Gandhiji ran away from responsibility of running his dearest secular state. He never thoght of running PMO office from Sewagram or Sabarmati Ashram. Had Gandhiji and K.A.Gaffar Khan jointly taken political responsibilities, the partition would have been avoided. But Gandhiji's goal was bigger than A Nation. He wanted to wear a double crown of permanant Mahatma cum Father of Nation. So did Jinnah's goal, who wanted to be permanantly known as Father of Pakistan. Nehru had to keep him self satisfied with designation of The First PM of Secular India, as Father of Nation post was already filled by the Mahatma. What Now ?The unrest in the National mind is coz of fear and hate towards other religion. When hatred reaches extremity, the love begin to sprout. A jail bird for many years finds the Walls more trustworthy than the outer open world. Similarly , [BJP leaders (Currently they are election defeat frustrated as well] enjoyed hating Jinnah and Nehru equally for 70 years are singing love songs for Jinnah . No wonder if they conduct Gulab Satsang(h) on Childrens day, 14th Nov, the Chachas B'day ! Its good that every one of us is understanding that Secular India is a reality no body can deny. Equally its important to note the latent fears in the minds of Hindus and Muslims existing for sure. Dealing with these fears diligently and effectively can only keep the secular spirits alive. Let us be open to accept, discuss and reduce the fears , at least arriving at 'Don't trust, Don't distrust, respect each other ' level is essential to become a STRONG NATION. Forget Fathers and Mother of the Past who didn't cared really for our Nation. Care for Today. Be a responsible owner of this nation. Object strongly if u suspect any one to set Personal Goals even under the cover of Humanity, above our National Interest. Jay Bharat ! { An explaination of a cause is not a justification by reason )

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