Monday, October 12, 2009

Why LCROSS Moon Blast Failed ?

The show was really disappointing. I had taken lot of troubles to organise and update the links to suit viewers located outside USA.

My anylysis is >
1.Rocket didn't burst.
2.Rocket hit some where else , camera was not looking there.
3.Rocket hit was on a surface too hard.

4. The Crater was too deep so that plume couldn't reach the mouth.
5. The timing was wrong for the sunlight to reach the dust debris.

6. There was only that too in the Cratf itself and was showing TOP view.
7. There was no Flash to illuminate the Crater darkness while it was recording.
8. A Camera at 75-90 degrees was essential.

9. Had Chandrayan been alive, we would have seen better.

10. The Dark Crater really had water , but in the proportion beyond our imaginations, and the rocket just sunk like Titanic.
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murtaza said...

its matter of research .who and how to verify the doubts/points raised by u.logically u r correct.\
prof ali