Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Voting Holiday

The compulsory holiday on voting day is nothing but legalising the rape on the productivity of the Nation. As the nation is ruled by the Beurocrate Slaves earning 6th pay + Commissions, they dont feel it a shame. For people like me, who have small businesses, its an avoidable loss. Govt. Must provide compensation for loss of business. The issue for voting is Development n progress. How sweetly beurocrats and politician worship in the name of developement ? They made the nation stay home in the name of Development !! Whats the way out ? Any where voting machines to be kept @ Posts, Banks, Police stations, Bus n Railway Platforms and Trains. Supported with Biometric Security Checks. Vote by SMS shall be the ultimate objective. The Similarity between God and Politicians: I dont belive in either of them ! Difference betn them : God dont think its Mandetory to belive in him. Politicians belive in Compulsion to belive in them by voting. Democrasy must have place for Politically Atheists, isnt it ? Every one inspite being political athiest or political non athiest, must Work 2 hours more on the voting day. 60+ years old population should be exempted from contesting and voting as they wont be able to work for 2 extra hours on voting day. Minimum voting age shall be 15 years. And they are supposed to study 2 hours more ! ( Thanks God ! ( from an atheist! Biggest honour to Him ) I am neither below 18 nor above 60 ! ) Increasing Quality and production is the real service to our beloved Nation ! Jay ho India !! * Shekhar, The Co auther adds : Like all decisions taken by the ruling party, this is also a political
decision for gaining popularity on election day. Paid holiday at the cost of
others. Polling booths open at 7 am, so a person inclined to vote will vote
before going to work. This is a crazy decision and it is going to become a
precedence. Employees will get at least 2 paid holidays every yr. ( gram
panchayat, Corporation, Assembly, loksabha) But there is a loophole.
If giving off puts u in a considerable financial loss or u have non voting
employees, then u can keep ur establishment closed.
What about voting rights of policemen, truckdrivers, milk suppliers, railway
employees, bus drivers etc.

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