Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mahatma Refurbished

President Barak Obama says he prefers Gandhiji to have Dinner with. A Superfast person desiring to dine with a person known for weaponising Fasts including fast unto the death : To seek the Truth. Seeking the truth, you will realise its not physiology of the health conceous President who might be suffering from gastric disorder nor just needing a brief relief from H.H. Mitchell nor he meant Maneka, Sonia, Priyanka or Rahul. He sincerely was chatting with 9th Std. Class. Click to read full text of President Obama's Discussion with 9th Class Students Personally, every one admits Gandhiji. But socially no one can follow him. Why ? Do suggest your views. As Indians, we must introspect. The person most powerful ever in the world not only knows Gandhiji better than most of us but also we now experience that he finds greatest of personal values in the Mahatma. His discussion was telecasted live all over the US. He shared his values to inspire the young generation to set their Goals and in a way, the path he showed them to lead to their goal is the Gandhian Path. Every body likes to see Paths on Maps. When it comes to actually walk, we tend to prefer to be myopic and take short cuts. Nobody in India could follow Gandhiji. If a single US student walks as desired by President Obama, it would be enough for THEM as well as for rest of the world if the Goals are also Gandhian.( Our attitude : Let the Saviour be born in the neighbour's house rather than ours . The shortest of the short cuts !!) President Obama is catering his Nation. His drive to make his nation stronger MUST be noted. He is wise enough to assimilate the talents,wisdom and values without geo or demographic discriminations to make America Strong internally and Externally. He seems like Emperor Akabar, wise, tolerant and strong. The discussions n addresses he makes are well thought, planned scientifically, worked over, meticulously, written splendidly, rehearsed by heart, choreographed perfectly,supported methodically and performed on ultimately finest articulate level in harmony with his talented co artists like Secretary Duncan, the Birbal. He has killed many a birds with single stone.He has successfully created a Historic competition to the famous letter addressed by Abraham Lincon to the teacher of his Son . He blew fresh oxygen in to the new US generation and he strengthened the faith of people trusting him across the Globe and beat the political rivals by leaving space only for lame and unsustainable criticism by Refurbishing the Mahatma witnessed by all of the USA.


Anonymous said...

You mean every thing was pre planned ?

Sandeep Godbole said...

American culture gives due importance to minutest details. President Obama has brilliently executed this Discussion backed up by planning and sophastication equivalent to that of launching a manned Spaceship.. Who will ask which question at what time and what shall be the answer every thing must have been well rehersed. Obama is a perfectionist. All politicians must learn from Obama, how Leadership can be effectively adminstered to give justice to the National Spirits.