Tuesday, September 22, 2009

By the Slave,To the Slaves for the Slaves.

Click here to read News : Indira Gandhi National Open University Honouring Murderers of Rajeev Gandhi . The rotting stench of the System has humiliated the National Interest of India. The Nation seems to be gone insensitive. Why cannt just one amongst the Jailor, The Judge, the IGNOU authorities show courage to say NO ? Reason : They are all slaves, alwyas worried for the job and securing salaries. The Tamilnadu politicians must have sympathies for these Anti Nationals. Prabhakaran and LTTE no longer exist but their seeds are germinating. Tommorrow, Slaves at Jawaharlal Nehru University will confere D.Lit to Afzal Guru and Mumbai Versity will try to beat the competition by offering Doctorate to Kasab. The explaination > This Nation is currently in the hands of incompetent employees. There is no Boss. There is a principle known as THE PETER PRINCIPLE ; It says that in a heirarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence. The size of the Horizone affected with the place occupied by incompetence depends upon the level. Higher the level, Greater the horizone. As a Nation it seems every one is glaringly radiating National incompetance at all levels. And as such, the size of the affected horizone is largest since 1947. The devil of incompetancy builds and strengthens its foundations by percolating the incompetency in all directions. Eventually the whole society is incompetent to understand and deal with its own interests. I hate myself every second, the day and night , for merely writing but doing nothing to make the change happen. I am also no different than a Slave to my circumstances, just like you who is just reading this merely for Entertainment. We Deserve this, we are all rotten enunches having no concept like Nation. Every one is blindly working just to earn for themselves. Winston Churchill was indeed a visionary who had rightly said that India is merely a Population. It cannt be a Nation and British must not stray the population to the mercy of God ! The Rape victim thus has surrendered to marry the Rapist. It can happen only with Slaves..

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