Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Solar Eclipse Shadowbands : Combined effect of Gravity of the Matters in Ambiance of Path of Sun Light.

While returning from Bhudhani, Narmada Ghat, MP, with VDO recording of the ground effect of the Total Solar Eclipse on 22 nd July, we were stranded betn two overflowing streams in the Satpuda Forest betn Itarasi and Baitul.
In the heavy rains, a kind hearted forest guard sheltered us in an only but empty concrete structure having no facilities.
We were told, to treat the whole forest spread for hundreds of square kilometers as our attached Toilet and the water overflowing thru 3 terrace drain pipes as perennial Wash Basins without taps n valves.
While I took my turn to avail the most lavish and green toilet of Central India, I held an empty soft drink pet bottle under the single line waterfall of the terrace drain. Because of the strong wind turbulence, it was flickering here and there and in order to keep the bottle mouth aligned with the dancing water line, my body language was translated to the mother toung of a Tunn Drunkard trying to balance him self while filling under a steady flow.
What startled me was, the effect of the force of invisible Air shaking much more tangible, the Water line.
Water is 1000 times heavier than Air.(Sp gravity of Air 1.163 Kg/m cube @ 30 deg. Cent.).
Next thot was, how the water might be affecting air while raining from clouds many kilometers above ?
Next thot was, flow of light considered to be absolute form of Energy, could it also get affected by the Ambiant matter?
The ambiant matter may be air, we can see the effect as Mirage, Scintillation, irradiance etc.
When ambiance is Water, we see reflections, shadow patterns at bottom of a pool . When it comes to Solid Ambiance, there are two categories, Transparent and Opaque. When light passes thru transparent bodies, those make light move towards centre of the Mass.
Recall, light bends towards the Base (not Apex) of a Prism, a convex lens collects light in alignment with the Thick most part at the centre, while a Concave Lens stretches light to periphery , where mass goes on increasing.
We call this as Refraction.
While light stumbles up on an opaque body, it gets mostly absorbed, partially reflected and also gets bent at the edges.
We call this bending as Diffraction.
So, light and gravity have an undoubtedly solid relation, which is misunderstood by getting isolatedly seen as Refraction, Diffraction , Reflection and Absorption.

I am fully convinced that all these are Effects of Gravity of the Ambiance on the Light. So, the Gravity of the Moon, in due proportions, must affect the Sun Light.

As there is no atmosphere on the moon, the effect is purely gravitational. During Total Solar Eclipses, this Ambient Gravity of Moon produce Shadow Bands which get amplified or dampened when the light encounters the Ambiance of the 11 km. thick Thermo Hydro Turbulent Atmosphere.
The effect of Moons Gravity on Sun light deserves focused and determined study.

There are 3 Theories to Explain Eclipse Shadow Bands.
Pl. Read little more about those in article down wards, in this blog, written before Solar Eclipse of 22nd July 09...


Nomad said...

Nice Article. BTW, where are the VDOs of recording ?

murtaza said...

good explaination,yet to digest,

murtaza said...

good explaination, yet to digest.thanks.