Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Lunar Eclipse > The Joy of Meditation

Following the Solar Eclipse on the 22nd July, theres going to be a Lunar Eclipse on 5th Aug, the Full Moon nite.
Moon will get swallowed by Earth's Thin (Penumbra)Shadow.
Thats too difficult to notice.
The sequence of Eclipses has got a Cycle of about 18 years known as 'Saros'.
During the Lunar Eclipse the moon appears pinkish black.
The pink tone is because of the Earths Atmosphere, which allow only red frequencies of the Sunlight to pass thru, the same reason why we see the Sun Red during Sunrise and Sunset.
Observing the Lunar Eclipse thru a Telescope gives excellent opportunity to watch the Lunar geography with rapid changes of brightness.
Vdo recording can be very exciting to watch .
But for recording, a small home work and Astro Tracker are essential to follow the moon. To know more about Eclipse Cycles,
do visit : NASA - Eclipses and the Saros web page



Do enjoy the Lunar Eclipse to realise that the Solar Eclipse is an Extravaganza of Pomp, Show and Cheer, while Lunar Eclipse offers refreshing yet purely silent joy of Meditation.

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