Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Theories of Eclipse Shadowbands.

Shadowbands seen just before and after the Totality during a Solar Eclipse are now a days popularly considered as a result of Scintillation in lower atmosphere, says the theory by J. Condona.
There is another theory , The Infra Sound theory advocated by a powerful science marketeer Dr.Eves of Open Univ. of London.
An Indian Prof. Praveen Vidhale, in the darkness of publicity at Amravati, Maharashtra, India holds General Relativity by Eienstien responsible for shadow bands.
He belives that the Gravity of the Moon is responsible for the shadowbands.
We will be photographing the Shadow Bands on 22nd July if clouds permit us.
For this, a novel and pioneer set up is being designed .
Normally, the shadow bands are recorded on a white carpet or board.
But As the contrast is very poor for vdo graphy and photography,
I have designed a Gray Bands Screen , named as Sandeep's Zebra.
The same will be used to record the shadow bands some where on totality path in M.P., India. All those who are interested in knowing more about Sandeep's Zebra can contact me at <>
A theme to record shadow bands on 7, 14 and 21 thousand feet altitudes is developed on conceptual level. The Astronomy Group works under guidance of Dr. Adhau and Prof. Ali. Dr. Kamal Singh, VC of Amravati Versity provides inspiration and supports scientific activities.

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