Sunday, July 19, 2009

The 3 Total Eclipses


Total Solar Eclipse on 22nd July, the longest one of 21st Century.

The Cosmic Fireball will be Eclipsed by Moon for max abt 4 minutes in India.

This is The Vigyan Eclipse ¤


July 12th 2009, Omkareshwar , MP, India. Abode of Lord Shiva on the Banks of Holy Narmada. A team of Scientists was on a mission to explore ideal location to conduct scientific experiments during Total Solar Eclipse scheduled on 22nd Of July 2009. An illiterate Panda nagged Scietists urging them to perform holy rituals. To hush him away, they said, OK baba, we will do it, but only during the Eclipse. Instantly Panda replied, Yes Sir, You have only few minutes to go before Eclipse finishes, come on, lets start the Ritual.

The Fireball in the Stomach and the Agyan have life long and mutual Total Eclipse .

This is The Agyan Eclipse. $


Students in Maharashtra experiencing total Eclipse of, the Suns of Knowledge,the Teachers. The pleasing shadow of 6th Pay Commission refusing to take the Starving Suns into its Umbra.

The Fireballs of The Nation ( Students) in the total Eclipse due to Starving Bank Accounts of the Suns of the Knowledge for few days.

This is The "Sagyan" Eclipse. #

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