Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harvesting the Superstition by The Super Powers.

Todays Super Powers are the TV Channels.
The 10 second time slot for Prime Time Ads are tagged at 3.5 Lakh Rs. !
The Channels, Media and the Advertisers follow a Superstition that Ads boost the sales.
It gives the Channels the Golden Egg.
The Advertiser pays for fear of Competition. Just as people used to Sacrify Goats to keep away from bad future, the Advertisers sacrify their Funds merely under superstition that it will keep them floating.
They simply fail to sense the Remotes of the TV.
The projected scenario of India is as under.
In 2010, there will be 700 Channels.
Per hour 20 min. ads for 24 hrs. Generation of 700*20*24 = 336000 minutes.
Time slots of 10 sec. = 6 slts per mnt.That means, 201600 slots.
Let us assume Avg. Tag to be Rs.1,00,000 per slot.
Thats Rs. 2,01,600,000,000 !
Thats Rs. 2 Kharabs ! < 1 Kharab = 100 Abjas. 1 Abj= 100 Crores>
Wonder, from whom that will be collected ?
Its u and me, with out our knowledge and consent, the money will be dacoited under marketing anesthesia, they will suck us like leches , painlessly but definately.

Want to avoid this ?
If Govt. restricts the Transmissions for 2 hours per day, the hole to our pocket will be just 10% of 2 Kharabs, means, merely 20 Abj Rs.

Only Q remaining is Who can do it ? Only Sonia and Rahul can do it.
Will they Ever do it ?

Only If they can think themselves as Superior than the Super Powers.

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