Friday, July 31, 2009

Accountability, Communication and Intigrity.

Maharashtra Govt. is introducing Biometric attendance record keeping.
The intentions appear fair.
Physical presence will be recorded more accurately.
The system must be augmented with instant messaging to every one that's going to be affected by the person leaving his chair.
Sms with specific and accurate instructions to the client about the delay caused and when is his appointment rescheduled shall be immediately sent.
Incase of Courts, the Judge, the Babus, the Advocates, the applicants, the respondents must mandetorily inform every one else about any change in the designed schedule caused by them.
Where ever possible, the SMS must be sent well in advance to save hardships and waste of time to others.
But systems are made to cause trouble to each other.
There is always a clash of Greeds.
Integrity of Human beings seldom wins over the stronger Greeds.
So, procurement of the Hard wear of Biometric system would prove to be just another 'Bahana' to earn for the Hardware vendors and Admin nexus. Honesty, Sincerity and attitude to Care for every one need no equipments. This Biometric system may create Reputation but can never create and build the Character of the System.

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