Monday, May 3, 2010

Vikram n Vetal : The Sentence

Vetal : Vikram, do you know what's Grammar ?

Vikram : The classification and organisation of words Creating a sentence is known as Grammar.

Vetal: What is Punctuation ?

Vikram: The spaces, the commas, semi commas, inverted commas, the apostrophes, the colons,the semi colons, the brackets,the hyphens, Q mark, exclamation marks are the Punctuations. Things which obey time are Punctuals.

Vetal : You are smart like Indians. Intelligent but never punctual.

Vikram : What do you mean ? Am I not Indian ?

Vetal : Very may much You are ! U have infinite words and innumerable punctuations .. so unfathomable.. So un ending..

Vikram : Stupid, tell me in short.

Vetal : You don't have Period !

Vikram : Nalayak, matalab kya hai tera ?

Vetal : You are Timeless.

Vikram: Now, If you don't elaborate, I m going to hang myself upside down !!

Vetal : …Dear that's my characteristics.. You remain up side up. You smartly avoided mentioning Fullstop, the small dot that seals the unfinished Grammar and fully rests all the Punctuations freezing the oceans of words instantly into the full and finite Meaning. You want to keep all options open for unknown personal gains. You never want to finish and execute any sentence officially. This way, you merely think to create a void eternity.You deliberately do it.

Vikram : Give evidence ! Don't just gargle without making sound.

Vetal : Kasab has been awarded the sentence. All the Grammar, the punctuations and the ocean of words are in perfect place and shape.But, there is No Full stop ! Kasab is your another fresh eternity sentence or its the Afzal Guru opera continued , if u dont tell me, I willl hang my self bottoms up ! People with intelligence of Higher and Supreme order will feel hungry unless they taste the poison. We need some one who is Punctual and not merely intelligent like you. Then only we can give peace to the martyrs and non martyrs who died on 26/11. We need a FULLSTOP to give meaning to every drop of blood wasted on 26/11.

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