Saturday, December 26, 2009

World without Melody Space.

I am a Worldspace Satellite Radio fan and subscriber since last 4 years. My 20 - 25 friends got the sets on my recommendation. Unbelievably, the company is shutting down on 31st Dec 2009. World space's Indian Subscrbr share is 50 % of global sum. Thats 4.5 lakh in India. 2.25 lakh subs are thru DTH joint bundling. There seems to be larger potential in Indian Market which parent US co. couldn't manage. Technology is all amazing. A 10 sq. inch flat antenna, connects to the Satellite. The quality of sound is marvellous and the music eternal. I used to carry the radio while camping at Devi Point Platue of Chikhaldara. I had soldered wires to its power supply to be fed on Car battery . At my shop many of Customers like it. They just drop in to listen a song or two on Farishta. Our lens glazers and workshop staff is addicted to the ambiance WS provided to the soul and mind thru ears. Since 1st Jan, My daughters wouldnt have a reason to fight with me for Farishta switching from Jhankar. The financial circumstances of WS are beyond our scope of understanding.
The reasons of such death may be the existence of mentality of Ramalingam Raju inside the company or an outsider venomous powerful competitor.
World space has created a standard in Listening Quality and Moral Standards. It delivered unsponsored containts. This is very remakrable as we see that even the wealthiest and capable organisations and persons look out for Sponcerships and try to extract the money from some one who has his own vested interests and nothing to do with the spirit and activity being sponcered. The media today earns on Ads and Breaks. Transmission On the Air earns but Off the Air episodes gives ability like black holes to suck and create black wealth.

Ws must be praised for they preferred to die bravely than unethically inserting Ads and Bakawas. WS deserves hats off for remaining honest n taking subscribers in confidence well in Advance and not silence was to tell us on 1st of Jan 2010. I consider myself fortunate to have 4 years of Golden times with world space. I have deep pain to miss it. But I am optimist for I suspect Tata Sky may take over in due course . Or, we will get Quality Radio transmission on new 3G mobile networks sooner or later.

The Black lining to the Golden Cloud >

To protect our music, culture art and every thing Technological, Financial and Legal Ownership is a must . It's nice that we could enjoy our own culture by paying to an American Company. But it's a shame that we don't have our own system to deliver the our own music and cultute. Let some Tata, Mallya or Mukesh own the Indian Culture.

Good bye WorldSpace !

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