Sunday, December 20, 2009

थू : थू : थुरुर

Vetal : Vikram, tell me the difference between a Ghost and a Human.

Vikram : Fool, You are a Ghost and I am a Human.

Vetal : But I am a Humanitarian Ghost. Can you imagine any Ghostarian Human ?

Vikram : Yes . Off Course. His name is Shashi Tharur.

Vetal : Why do you precept him as Ghostarian Human ?

Vikram : Human being raping his own people an year after thier deaths is deadlier than any Ghost. He can only be called as A Ghostarian Human.

Vetal : Now what did he do ?

Vikram : Shashi Tharur has spitted again. This time, he is defending the delays in Hanging Kasab saying there is no hurry to India to hang Kasab. Shashi Tharur repeatedly proves that he is an UBI, (Unfortunatly Born in India). He is one of the Law Makers and supposed to put all his wisdom and energies to rejuvenate the dead judicial processes at least in case of the Kasab. Instead, he is advocating the garbage judiciary. He is betraying the Martyrs and the Victims.
He is stabbing the Bharatmata in her back. Any one who supports Tharur is a PERFECT ANTI NATIONAL.
He is incompetent to stay where he is, but unfortunately, the Time is what makes him most eligible to occupy the cushions he is warming.

Vetal : What is the solution ?

Vikram : Any person from Police and Armed forces should go and finish the job. Otherwise, the Public will one day destroy these Foreigners and thats the only way these Gawarani Anti Nationals would get enlightned.

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