Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vikram N Vetal

An old marathi Edition of Vetal Panchveeshee is in hand. May be 25 to 30 yrs old. The morals are powerful enough to be appriciated by Adults rather than children alone. Once, a begger gets a miracle fruit as the Prasad from God. The eater of the fruit would live for ever. The beggers wife warns him that its better to die than keep begging eternally. And so, they trade it with the king. The fruit changes hand from King to Q to her lover to a prostitute and back to the king again ! The king in disbelif and shaken, eats the fruit and goes away in jungles leaving beind the illusive world ! The story goes ahead with twists and stunning situations. It contains many " Thoughts of the Day. " The gem being ' Performing Skill, differences in family, sex, medicines,donation, honour and insults should never be disclosed to 6 ears. (Three Persons) ' It means nothing is secrate , if known by 3rd person. If hold by only 2, its immpossible even for the Almity to know it !

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Nomad said...

Stories like Vetal Panchavishi or Isapniti are created to impress the importance of good virtues. Since ages (or rather since the development of thinking process), human race is engulfed in the vicious circle of greed, hatred, treachery, ... (the list is long), the stories will be relevant not only for today but also in future !