Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dynasty Cuts Dynasty

Rahul Gandhi's election campain was aimed at ditching Rajendra Shekhawat, the official candidate , Son of President of India. Gandhi Nehru dynasty couldnt refuse ticket to Rajendra. Rahul diplomatically supported Dr.Sunil Deshmukh, the deserving opponant. While he was at Nandgaon, just 10 kms away from Amravati, Rahul treated Rajendra as a non entity. He didnt came to canvass for Rajendra at Amravati. Nehru Gandhi Dynasty don't like any other genes to over take them. The victory of Rajendra Shekhawat is a slap to Gandhi Nehru Dynasti. Thats what BJP wants but could never do it ! Thats a poetic justice. Pratibhatai, Devi singhji and Rajendra Congrates ! You have slapped Nehru Gandhi Dynasty ! Pitiably, Dr. Sunil Deshmukh was made a scape goat and martyer for Gandhi Nehru Dynasty. Its not easy for Rajendra to struggle with Gandhi Nehru Dynasty. Pratibha tai has got merely 2 year left to step down as President. All from Amravati must work to reinstate her for next 5 years. Rajendraji, wishing you good luck. Wish you become CM of Maharashtra as well as the President of the Congress party of India and nominate Rahul Gandhi for the office of President of India ! Go ahead, Aage badho ! Sabse Aage Badho ! Amravati and Maharashtra will support you. Cheers !

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