Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pola : Thanks Giving of Central India.

Central India's economy is based on Agriculture. When the Tractors, Harvesters, Threshers, Electric Pumps and Diesel Engines were not in existence, the Dallal Street, Share market were no where in any dictionary, no Bulls neither the Bears existed, the Ox used propel the life by helping to plough the fields,drive the carts transporting the farm produces, utilities and men, thrash the raw grains, power the water lifting mechanisms, run the expellers of edible and lubricant Oil Seeds. The Bull power remained the biggest Natural power harnessed by Central India in last 5000+ years. Recognising the immense contribution , <Exploitation?> of the Ox power, this civilisation acknowledges and respects the Oxen by honourably celebrating a 2 day festival 'The Pola'. Although, now a days, there are very few jobs left for oxen, the festival is still celebrated with charm and enthusiasm. The oxen are given bath, their horns n toes get painted , special and colourfull overcoats called the Zool are worn over the oxen. Metallic bells hanged around their necks ring pleasantly. The owner then worships the fleet of oxen and feed them the Puran Poli, a type of Sweet cake. In the late afternoon, all the oxen in the villages gather for Pola. Accompanied by the music and band the parade of decorated oxen moves on the main streets and people who dont own the oxen worship them on their door steps. On second day, known as the Tanha Pola, the children go home to home with beautifully decorated Toy Oxen made up of clay and enjoy treats of limlets, sweets, cents and gifts. The follow up seems aimed to emboss the sense of gratitude on the young minds. The spirit of the Pola is to say Thanks to the Oxen, the silent and dumb power that the civilisation harnessed for its development and prosperity. Astronomically, the Pola is celebrated on the New moon day, when the Sun and Moon are simultaneously in the Constellation of Leo. Season wise, its receding Monsoons and crops are in their mid young age. India now on the thresh hold of setting its aims on the Moon and Mars Missions, will leave behind the ancient rituals n slowly stop old celebrations. But I am sure, the Spirits would continue , Say Thanks to everything that helps you. Never forget who helps you. " HAPPY POLA"
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Ashwinis-creations said...

Very good Sandeep. Good matter for 'Nibandh' kind of thing.

murtaza said...

excellent, amazing, imaginative and over all informative.specially the astronomy significance.
keep it up.
prof murtaza ali

Nomad said...

Excellent article, Sandeep. I really wonder where from do you get such an enthu ?