Monday, August 10, 2009

Branding the Panic

Everywhere, there is said to be Epidemic of the Swine Flu.
Threat, fear and panic gripped the length and breadth of the nation plus the height and depth of the Electronic and print media are busy in discussing,fathoming and cooking the Event.
There is a much fatal virus, our own breed, The Chandipura Virus.
In spite of killing 25 children in a swipe, It lost the T-20 of Publicity in the first over to The Swine flu.
Like Naxalite blood flood means nothing for we people who enjoy fearing 9/11s and
26/11s, similarly, we are ignorant about many far serious and fatal Unbranded threats.

The viruses propagating thru "The West smelling" in'Flu'encial society become instant celebrities.
No concern is shown at Grass Roots for easily avoidable 'Cesarean Deaths' birthed from untreated treatable ailments, road accidents, farmer suicides and simple domestic fatalities by any TRP infected media.
In Marathi, there is one proverb, : 'Roj mare tyala kon rade.'
Meaning, no sorrows for every day deaths.
Another says 'Samartha Gharache Shwan Nokara pexa shrimant.'
Means, Dogs of affluent society are highly well off as compared with their poor human servants.
Similarly, Swine of Metros is important than Encephalitis in the Rural India..

Jay Ho The Brands ! .. .

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