Thursday, March 19, 2009

Return Of Nathuram >>

The Mallya assault is fresh , deep and doublly eternal than Nathuram. Mallya is a person grown on values opposite of Mahatma. Liquer, infinite physical pleasure, indiffernce towards down trodden, self indulgens , are his set of virtues. Mahatma would be feeling worst. The Sadhan Shuchita is Mahatmas Base Of Satya and Ahimasa. Mallya has not for a minute in life ever cared or respected Gandhis Thoughts.
The Mahatma is immortal. The new new Nathurams will attempt to kill him time and again. He may be thrown out on the platforms of Petermaritzberg and Antiqorum. He shall keep the generations inspired thru his Softwear of deeds,stories and literature rather than perpetual gangs of Nathurams trading his Hardwear like spects, watch and chappals. Politicians, Admin, Common man like most of us, are a permanant spectator like Gandhis 3 monkies blindly,deafly and dumbly indifferent to every assault aof Nathuram on the Mahatma.
Those who feel helpless remember what

Sant Kabir has rightly said Mol karo Talwar ka Padi Rahan do Myaan. .
James Otis and Mallya are holding Myan not the Talawar.

So, thats the Silver lining.. They can always mutilate the body .. not the Soul.

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